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EWHC Founder appointed Biosafety Ambassador

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Communiqué issued at the third National Biosafety Conference Of The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA)

Everywoman Hope centre Every woman

EWHC Calls for Urgent  Intervention for Women  Empowerment  in rural Sub-Saharan Africa societies

Every Woman Hope Centre, a non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria, and publishers of LifeCare Journal  is most passionate in addressing the needs of the internal environment with emphasis on women and mainstreaming gender in public policies. This is to empower women moving forward and strengthening their capacities to contribute to social innovations for global stability and sustainable socio-economic development. Read more

GM Maize

The right to food in a changing world through modern biotechnology and the role of biosafety

Biotechnology refers to any technique that uses living organisms ranging from virus, bacteria, plants and animals or parts of the organisms to derive other products for the benefit of mankind. It is not a new technique. Traditional biotechnology such as the use of yeast to make bread or wine has been applied for thousands of years. Since the late 19th century, knowledge of the principle of hereditary gave farmers new tools for breeding crops and animals. They selected individual organisms with beneficial characteristics and developed hybrids.

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Photospeak from the Workshop on “the Role of Agricultural Biotechnology in the achievement of food security and Economic Diversification in Nigeria”

Photospeak from the Workshop on “the Role of Agricultural Biotechnology in the achievement of food security and Economic Diversification in Nigeria” 

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EWHC represented at the Agricultural Biotechnology & Biosafety Workshop

Representatives of the Every Woman Hope Centre (EWHC) attended the recently conducted Workshop on Agricultural Biotechnology & Biosafety with theme: “The Role of Agricultural Biotechnology in the achievement of food security and Economic Diversification in Nigeria”.

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Our Marketing Consultants and Project Coordinators are available on the following numbers: 

+234)-08035917617; 07065172437; 07039898530; 07069686413; 08036237006; 08037102379; +447735000374


On behalf of the International Consortium for Washington DC 2015-ADR program, I invite you to participate  in the above named global training/conference scheduled for Monday 5th to Saturday 10th October, 2015 at St. Gregory Luxury Hotel and Suites, Washington DC, USA.

The training is being organized jointly by Mediators without Borders (MWB) and INACCORD Mediation & Arbitration Services Limited, US based and globally acknowledged Arbitration/Conflict Management Specialists; in collaboration with Every Woman Hope Centre (EWHC) and its affiliate; LifeCare Journal Publishers and Verbatim News Magazine, in Nigeria.


The objective is to equip participants with necessary mediation and arbitration skills and knowledge to enable them play very active roles in conflict management, add value to their current profession and become a global peacemaker.

Additionally, the training will enable participants advance in career by exploring new opportunities in a number of fields which includes and not limited to the following: leadership training, human resources, social work, family mediation, etc. 

Conference Details:

Conference Flyer

Conference Agenda

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USD 1,600 Per Participant: 
Interested participants are expected to indicate interest by contacting EWHC and paying the above fee to Every Woman Hope Centre, A/C No: 0047088778. Diamond Bank Plc.

Check flyer for further details                                           


Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Viral haemorrhagic fevers have been among the most prominent diseases that have plagued humanity. Among the most notorious of haemorrhagic fevers are Ebola and Marburg, which are two highly infectious and deadly diseases that have appeared sporadically in some parts of Africa, causing many epidemics that have led to the deaths of many people and primates, in Sub-Saharan and tropical Africa. This year the world witnessed increased spread of the Ebola epidemic in 3  West African cpountries. This journal comprises series of papers elucidated on various relevant facts and historic background of Ebola and Marburg virus

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(The shinning coast of Africa)
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WAF Conference Photospeak: The Women Advancement Forum (WAF) Conference in Gambia
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Child Mortality Nigeria REDUCTION OF CHILD MORTALITY: Perspectives on Nigeria

The need to reduce child mortality globally, especially in Nigeria and the rest of the Sub-Saharan Africa has necessitated growing discourse in various quarters. Records indicate that child mortality rates are still unacceptably high in many African countries. In spite of global efforts and local measures adopted so far, there are still challenges that persist. This should therefore form the focus of next action-plan.

Child mortality refers to the death of infants and children under the age of five (under-five mortality-U5MR). Statistics show that about 29,000 children die per day (approximately 11,000,000 deaths/year).  read more
Sani-Yerima.jpg Playing politics with the girl child: Undercurrents of the Chibok Girls Affair

On the 15th of April, 2014, a day after a deadly bomb by the Boko Haram terrorist ripped through Nyanya, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, killing hundreds and injuring more than 500 people, Nigeria awoke to the shocking news of the kidnap of girls from a secondary school in Chibok, a town in the troubled Bornu State.

The news from the beginning was rife with conflicting reports with the numbers of abducted girls gradually rising from initial 106 to about 236. More controversy trailed the incident as the Defence Headquarters, the government of Bornu, and the principal of the secondary school were found to be given out conflicting reports of the number of abducted and rescued students. . .read more


What prospects does the hosting of WEFA hold for Nigeria’s child?

Between May 7 and 9th 2014, Nigeria broke history by hosting the 24th edition of the World Economic Forum on Africa (24th WEFA). It was the first time the global event took place on the soil of West Africa since the African edition was convened in Switzerland in 1990.

The WEFA themed, “Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs” has been acclaimed as the most successful of the Forum meetings thus far. It brought together leading political, business and civil society individuals to debate on how to tackle  Africa’s biggest challenge: to create a continent of increased prosperity and strong communities; read more

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